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There is one place that is my favorite place in the entire Universe - it’s Walloon Lake, Michigan, just near


This place creeps into your being and installs a constant desire to be there. And once you’ve returned you receive a fresh sense of peace, calm, and a renewed appreciation for the beauty of this earth. It’s a place where the Bald Eagle watches over his young, and soars slowly and majestically seeking food. It’s a place where one can float beside one of the generations of Swan; where you can watch a group of deer play tag at the shallow water’s edge; where you can watch momma duck and bird teach their young to navigate in their new world. For our group of seven, it began around 1982, when Malt invited a couple friends to help trailer his boat north, open the cabin, and perhaps take some leftover time to fish. It grew into a five-day spring trip and perhaps a fall weekend, flying a couple private aircraft. While we have grown and changed, the lake has stayed the same. Oh, the huge new homes around the lake have changed, but the life of the lake...is as tolerant of our busy, noisy intrusion as it has always been.       

And so it has been for generations.

There was another group of friends in the Brown family who, as we learned with fascination, did very much the same kind of things we have done over the past 32 years. They started in the 1920’s, when the cabin was a little more sparse, but the spirit was the same!  Notice in the older indoor picture, the very same andirons, decorations on the mantle and even the wicker chairs are the same.
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 I play the flute, piccolo, oboe, saxophone(s), clarinet, recorder(s), wind synth, piano, and many percussion instruments. My greatest desire is to worship and praise my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I also LOVE to cook. Truly that's a good thing, because we have four children (and a husband) that LOVE to eat!! I bake homemade bread as well as other goodies, and I home can most of our food. We maintain rather large vegetable and herb gardens. Basically, it's been said of me that if you sit still too long, you'll get canned (especially beginning in mid-August)! Actually, I enjoy putting food away, and it always tastes so wonderful in the middle of the winter. There is such a satisfaction in serving my family good food, and they appreciate it, too. I have retired after a 15 year career teaching various math, science, language and other classes for local home schoolers. This came to be known as “Broadway Academy”. I keep in touch with many of my students, and I watch with love as they marry and start their own families!  I have assumed a new career babysitting for our (growing) collection of gandchildren! My basic concept is that through serving my family, I am also serving my Lord. I claim that it is such an honor to raise four children and their children, and have a Christian home with a loving Christian husband. We are so very richly blessed, and I am quick to recognize it!I have found that throughout life, the Lord places people, situations, events, and holocausts to challenge and transform us. This has been very true for me, as I am sure that it has been for you, if you just take a moment to think about it. How many times have you walked through  a difficult situation, had a confrontation with a family member or  coworker, spouse or boss? How many things have happened in your  own life that have impacted you in such a way that you were never  quite the same again? Have you ever looked back over your life and  seen the hand of God's grace upon you? Are you aware of Who is in  control of your life? Do you know where you are going once your time  on this earth is expired?  

My own mortality - 

The Lord made me very aware of my own mortality during the last  months of my first husband's life. In February of 1994, my first  husband became very ill, and a trip to the local emergency room  ensued. What emerged from that trip changed my life FOREVER. My  husband of 12 years was diagnosed with AIDS, and I was devastated  and scared beyond belief. I was scared not only for myself, but for my  four children (then ages 10, 8, 6, and 2) as well. Would God take the  lives of innocent children? Would He take me? I had done nothing  wrong--I was caught in a situation, trapped with no escape. My  marriage vows--"for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, till  death us do part"-- raced around in my head. I knew that I was in this  until the end, that I was destined to walk whatever God had for me to  walk, and that He would honor my faithfulness. I never felt that  leaving was an option.  THE GOOD NEWS IS THIS: GOD IS IN CONTROL!!  After multiple testings, the children and I are and will remain clean  and clear of AIDS. God Himself with His awesome keeping power  snatched us out of the pit of hell!!  My husband did pass away in December of 1994, leaving me as a  widow with four children to raise. However, God was still watching  over me, and was preparing to bless the children and I beyond our  wildest dreams. In March of 1996, the Lord brought a wonderful  Christian man into our lives- -one who was willing to be a loving  husband to me and a devoted father to the kids. We were married on  December 31st of 1996. I have learned through life's challenges to TRULY TRUST God and depend upon Him for everything. He is faithful until the end, even when we don't deserve it. He will give you His strength when you are weak and distraught, just as the Scriptures promise. He will restore unto you whatever the canker worm has destroyed. You can take God at His Word, put your life in His hands, and know for certain that you will be able to trust in His promises. There is so much more that I could elaborate upon with my story, but there just isn't time and space here!! It's so easy to say that we're trusting God, but are we doing so with our fingers crossed behind our backs? God alone is sure of the future. Sometimes we need to get out of the way and let Him act, to wholly trust the process to Him--however the events may unfold. Proverbs 3:5-6 tells us to "trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight". God demands that we rely totally on Him, because anything less is disobedience. No concern is too small nor any issue too complex to bring to Him. You know, God's peace is available to every one of us who trusts in Him wholly. Won't you make the decision to give Him your heart, your life, your situations today? He is waiting with open arms to take your burdens from you and place them on His precious Son's (Jesus') back. He paid a hefty price to save you and give you peace. Allow that peace which passes all understanding to come into your life today--trust God and He will give you that peace.